Monday, January 28, 2008

Why are some people so inconsiderate????

This last fall we spent 4 very stressful, rushed, and otherwise miserable days laying sod in our front yard.  The task was fairly easy and would have been enjoyable had the weather cooperated. We were fortunate enough to be given enough free sod to do our front yard.  This required that we get the yard ready and lay the sod within a short time frame.  We decided that since we had removed all the previous lawn and the sprinklers were exposed that we should fix them and replace all of the sprinkler heads.  I think our neighbors must have thought we were nuts as they watched us digging up sprinkler heads in the pouring down rain and high wind.  We finally managed to get them fixed and proceeded to levelling the ground, this was not an easy task given the fact that we were attempting to level wet, sticky, clay like mud.  This too was done in the rain and wind.  After the ground was leveled it was time to lay the sod.  Due to weather and schedules the sod had a little too much time on the pallet.  We layed sod that appeared to be dead...again in the rain and wind.  Now, after all of this we began fertilizing and watering in hopes that the grass would come back and we would have a nice yard this spring.  The grass did come back and it began to be a beautiful green lawn.  We looked forward to the new spring grass when the snow melts.  Until...
The other day we look outside to find that someone felt the urge to drive their truck into our snow covered yard and spin their tires in an effort to get out.  Our yard now has two large ruts with mud slung across the yard.  At first we thought, well maybe it didn't damage the lawn or the sprinklers.  But, I'm afraid that the obvious mud pulled up from below the snow is a sign that the lawn is damaged.  To what extent we don't know as the snow is falling again and we won't know until it melts.  Now, why would someone do this????  Why are some people so inconsiderate???  This makes me so damn mad and I guess I get to vent on you since I don't know who was the culprit (although I have my suspicions.)
Oh, and a side note...this happened not long after the snowman was built and although it had begun to melt and fall apart thanks to the truck the snowman was finished off!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

After what seemed like 5 hours of getting ready in our layers of clothes, coats, hats, gloves and scarfs we headed outside to enjoys todays snowfall.  We have about a foot of snow in our front yard and we couldn't let that go to waste.  Rylie and Saige and I went out to build a snowman.  Lets just say that our snowman ended up looking pretty pathetic.  We did have fun making snow angels and Saige enjoyed eating the snow (none of it was yellow.)  We also made a big pile of snow from the driveway and Rylie loves sledding down it.  Saige got really cold and tired so we came in for soup and sandwiches.  Its been a fun morning.  We will go out later to take pics of our "snowman." 

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas Morning


Thats what big sisters are teach you about the important things in life.