Thursday, May 26, 2011

Saige's Preschool Graduation

Today Saige graduated from preschool and she is SO ready for kindergarten. In fact, I caught her many times today singing songs about "here I come kindergarten" and "kindergarten is next for me." Saige loves to make up songs about whatever is on her mind and apparently today, Kindergarten was on her mind. She is such a cute girl and she loved preschool. This was her second year of preschool. She was lucky enough to go to different preschools each year which allowed her to experience a lot of different things. I can't believe my little Saigey is heading to kindergarten!

Saige's Gymnastics Exhibition

Saige has been taking gymnastics for the last few months and has LOVED it! She is such a timid little girl and it has been so good for her to stretch herself and try new things in gymnastics. The other night she had her first gymnastics exhibition. She wasn't sure at first about everyone being there to watch her but she quickly got into it.

Rylie and Saige's first piano recital

My girls (and I) have been privileged enough to take piano lessons from my good friend Torri. Torri has been so great and although they don't love to practice, it does my heart good to see that they are learning something. Saige has only been taking lessons for a couple of months and I was very proud of her for memorizing her song. Rylie has been taking lessons longer but learned "Old McDonald" toward the beginning of her lessons. Torri let each of the girls choose their own song and this is the one that Rylie chose. I've also taken lessons but I weaseled my way out of the recital. There is something about an adult playing "Here we go, up a row, to a birthday party." Its cute and impressive when a 5 year old plays it but a 33 year old should be able to play something more, right? It's become very obvious to me that they learn much more quickly than I do.

So many little time...

We've had tons of little events in the last couple of weeks. I'm amazed at how busy the last 2 weeks of school can be. I absolutely LOVE all of the fun things that the girls get to be involved in though. There is nothing like the look on their faces when they perform and when they know that you are proud of them.

So, bear with me as I unload a few of the latest events.