Thursday, May 26, 2011

Saige's Preschool Graduation

Today Saige graduated from preschool and she is SO ready for kindergarten. In fact, I caught her many times today singing songs about "here I come kindergarten" and "kindergarten is next for me." Saige loves to make up songs about whatever is on her mind and apparently today, Kindergarten was on her mind. She is such a cute girl and she loved preschool. This was her second year of preschool. She was lucky enough to go to different preschools each year which allowed her to experience a lot of different things. I can't believe my little Saigey is heading to kindergarten!


McKenna said...

That's so cute about her singing whatever is on her mind. I love it! I can't believe she's going to be in Kindergarten either! Crazy!

KFerrara said...

Congrats Saige... Sammie is way excited about Kindergarten as well!

Mom, Aunt, Grandma Ehat or Lori said...

Cute little graduate! Love you Saige!! Happy kindergarten days ahead! Sooo exciting!!