Tuesday, April 13, 2010

30 minutes at Disneyland is enough to make you pee your pants.

Our first day at Disneyland started out a little rocky but ended up being great! We got there on Monday morning at around 8:30 am and it was raining. We thought we would be ok with a little bit of rain but it started raining pretty hard so we spent a small fortune on Disneyland ponchos. Of course not long after buying the ponchos, the rain stopped and the sun came out. We decided to treat the girls to their first mickey mouse ears first thing. They were super excited to chose their hats, ears, and of course princess crowns to go on top.

We then saw Mickey outside and got in line for pictures. When the rain started up again they moved us inside to meet Mickey, Pluto, and Goofy.

After meeting the characters and posing for pics, Saige informed me that she needed to go potty. Well, lets just say that we didn't make it in time. We had only been at Disneyland for about 30 minutes and Saige pee'd her pants. Fortunately, I threw in an extra pair of pants as we walked out the door. Unfortunately, pants were the only extras that I brought so Saige had to go commando for the rest of the day.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

More fun at the beach

California April 3rd & 4th

Nothing like a little sand for lunch.

Rylie, Kylee, Torri and Madi

It was so much fun to travel and play together with our friends Torri, Josh, Madison, and Kylee. We lived next to one another in American Fork and have been great friends ever since.

California and Disneyland

We had a great vacation to California and Disneyland. We drove all day on Saturday the 3rd and got settled in. The Easter bunny found us in California on Sunday morning and the girls woke up to their Easter baskets and Easter egg hunt.

After relaxing on Sunday morning we decided to drive over to the beach for a little down time before we went to Disneyland on Monday.

Shortly after we got to the beach we found out that an earthquake had been felt about an hour before. I guess we were on the road at the time so we didn't feel the quake. No one seemed too concerned about it so we just played and had a great time.

This was Dylann's first time to the beach. She loved the sand and water until she started getting cold. It was a fun and relaxing Sunday afternoon.