Friday, September 25, 2009

Anna Ontamna or Miley Cyrus???

Apparently the whole Anna Ontamna ( Hannah Montana) / Miley Cyrus thing is a bit too complicated for a 5 year old. Rylie has been completely taken with the idea of Hannah Montana, whenever she sees a shirt or poster of her she gets super excited and yells "Anna Ontamna!!!" Each time we go to redbox she asks if she can rent the Hannah Montana movie. I always try to convince her to get another movie since I know that she has never actually seen the show and she doesn't know anything about it. Tonight Evan decided to take the girls to redbox and let them get whatever they wanted. They, of course, chose Hannah Montana.

Mom (pointing at Miley Cyrus) "Rylie, who is that?"
Rylie "I don't know who it is"
Mom (pointing at Hannah Montana) "Who is that?"
Rylie "Oh, that is Anna Ontamna!!"
Mom "Do you think maybe Hannah Montana is the same as the girl with dark hair?"
Rylie "Noooo Mom! They were in the show together at the same time!"

I spent the last half of the movie trying to help Rylie realize that they are one in the same...she was so confused!

Finally, at the end of the movie when I thought Rylie was catching on and Hannah Montana came out on stage she said "Oh Mom!!! THIS is the REAL Anna Ontama!!!"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Kenzi Rocks!!!!

I am so proud of Mckenzie! She is doing great in school this year. As of now, she has 6 "A's" 1 "B" and one "C." Kenzi has been so great to have live with us. We all love her so much and the girls adore her. Good Job Kenz!!!!

P.E. A
Choir A
Dance A
Computer Tech A
US History A-
English A
Algebra B
Physics C

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Kenzi!!!!

Friday night was filled with a bunch of teenagers as they celebrated McKenzie's 17th birthday. I can't believe she is already 17. We've loved having her live with us and are excited to see her do well over this next year. Kenzi has been so good with the girls and is loving school here in Lehi. She has already met so many people and every day when I pick her up she tells me about another new person she has met. They had a great time playing rockband, eating pizza and playing night games. Here are a few pics...The cake...of course we couldn't do just a 'regular' cake...we got to go all out!

The girls rockin' the mic!

One Month Old!!!!

I can't believe that Dylann has already been with us for one whole month. We are so lucky to have her in our family. She is such a good baby and makes everyone smile when they see her. She started out at a little 7 lbs 1 oz and is now beginning to get some cute little rolls.

She celebrated her 1 month birthday by going to her 1st Real Salt Lake soccer game. She was SO good at the game. Amazingly, she happily slept through the loud crowd and excitement of the game.
After the game we came home, and continued her celebration with sleeping a full 7 hours!!! We love Dylann so much and feel so blessed to have her here happy and healthy.

*of course in our haste to get to the game and make sure we had all of the baby essentials we forgot to bring our cameras so this pic was taken with my phone...not the best quality but we had to get at least one pic.