Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More of our weekend in the snow.

My cute little snow girl!

This is probably my favorite photo from the entire weekend. Evan and Rylie sledding down the hill. If you look closely, you'll see a definite resemblance between father and daughter. They both have their tongues hanging out as then go down the mountain.
Rylie LOVED her sparkly helmet.  She was so excited that she got this one.
Rylie started off Riding with me on my sled but she is so tall that I had a hard time seeing over her and we kept bonking helmets.  I traded Evan for Saige who is a little bit shorter, not much but a little.  We had a good time riding and playing.  The girls didn't last too long out there so we went back to the cabin while Evan and the others stayed out for a few hours longer.  It was a fun trip, thanks to Ryan and Bethany for inviting us up for this great weekend.  Hopefully, next time I will not be pregnant and I will feel better.  

Ryan had to teach me how to ride the snowmobile.  

Happy Valentines Weekend

This weekend we got to go to Idaho to play in the snow and enjoy a getaway with friends at their cabin. I'm not usually a fan of snow and cold but we had a great time playing and snowmobiling. When we pulled in on Friday night it was -8 degrees outside and I was not sure about this idea, but the next day the sun came out and we got dressed for the snow. It really wasn't too bad. I was surprised at how warm good snow clothes can keep you.

Evan brought his snowboard and played while they went sledding, he also tied a rope to the back of the snowmobile and snowboarded while Ryan pulled him around the snow covered golf course. That looked like fun to me, maybe next year when I'm not pregnant.

Rylie and Saige got lots of use out of their new snow clothes (thanks Grandma & Papa) and they loved every minute of our time in Idaho.

We were at a cabin in a place called Island Park, which is about 20 miles from west Yellowstone. The snow was about 5-6 feet deep and it was lots of fun. I kind of felt like the kid on a Christmas Story in this Coat "I can't put my arms down!" but hey, I was warm.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Saige is 3

I can't believe my baby is 3. She is so grown up and is so much fun to be around. If you are ever having a bad day, Saige will turn that around for you. With her sense of humor and her contagious smile, it is nearly impossible to be grumpy with her around.
We had so much fun at her Tinkerbell party....

Have you ever been so excited to get underwear for your birthday!?

Uncle Silas makes the best pinatas. And this one was huge!! Everyone had a great time trying to get the candy from Tinkerbell.

More pics to come...