Friday, May 30, 2008

Rylie quotes & vocab

Rylie has had a lot of funny phrases and words come out of her mouth, some of which I have thought to write down. But, lately I have found a new humor in listening to her versions of some of our everyday words.

"Mook-sup" - Otherwise known as lipstick.

"Afraid little godmother" - most of us know her as the "fairy godmother."

Mom, naybe there is a reindeer named rudol-off"

(R) Hitting the tree with a stick, knocking off all of the flowers. (E) Ry, Don't do that, you're killing the flowers. (R) And they will go to live with Heavenly Father?

"Mom, I'm having a hard time getting my voice back today"

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Drew came to play!

Today is so fun! We are super excited to have Drew over to play. He was asleep when he got here and the girls were so tempted to wake him up. The second he made a noise they wanted to hold him. I have so much help!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

100 things about me...

So, Amy did a "100 things about me" post and it looked kind of fun and was fun to read so here I go...more than you ever wanted to know about what goes through my mind.

1-I am almost 31 years old (and its kind of creepy)
2-I don't feel that old...or look it
3-My age has always been deceiving
4-I was turned down to get a sample at Maceys grocery store because they "cant give samples to kids" ...I was 30 years old.
5-I was ID'd on my honeymoon when we stopped in Vegas
6-I think I deserve a honeymoon retry
7-I got sick and then was allergic to the meds they called in
8-We just got in the car and drove straight home from the San Diego Zoo
9-It looks like I'll have to wait...maybe until the kids are grown
10- I have two beautiful little girls. Rylie-3 and Saige-2
11- I absolutely LOVE being a mom
12- I must admit that right now I am content with just the girls...I love the ages they are right now.
13- I want to have another baby but right now I am being selfish and I want my own body and my freedom to go play with the girls whenever I want...without worrying about diapers and bottles etc.
14- I love that I can get my baby fix with my cute nieces and nephew...Drew, Hallie, & Brighton. They are so cute!
15- I'm only on 15 and I'm already a little bit sick of trying to think about "me"
16- I love my husband more than anything
17- I can't imagine my life without Evan and the girls
18- Evan and I met a week before he got his mission call. We went to high school together but didn't know one another. Evan swears that we had lockers next to each other our senior year. I don't remember though.
19- We share a lot of the same friends...from different perspectives in high school
20- I admire that Evan is an awesome friend...he has long time friends that respect and admire him
21- I attempt to play coed soccer with Evan and some friends
22- I have played for 2 years and scored 2 goals...well technically 3 goals but one was for the other team (oops) so maybe it evens out to just one goal
23- I have never played any sport in my life...until now
24- I secretly love to play, even though the team might prefer that I move on.
25- I love that my mother-in-law is so great to watch the girls which allows us to play
26- My mom & Dad moved to Oregon last year...I really miss them. Much more than I ever thought.
27- I sometimes think about how my kids will feel about me when they are my age...I hope we continue to have a good friendship...I talk to my mom almost every day.
28- I wish I had a lot of money....I don't need a lot of things but it would be nice to not think about where we'll get the money for this and that.
29-I love my new job.
30- I just finished hair school....It took me 2 years. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.
31- I secretly wondered if I even liked it any more when I finished school.
32- I am amazed at how blessed we are...I have been fortunate enough to work in a friends salon in her house.
33- I love that I can set my own hours and work when and if I want to.
34- I love the feeling of making others feel good about themselves...its the best to hear that they really love their hair when I am done.
35- I really don't enjoy talking on the phone...I much prefer IM
36- I have found that I am addicted to blogging and am always excited to see new comments
37- Evan is sitting in the other room, working on his computer while I write this entry...we IM and we are in the same house....sad but true.
39- I grew up in Oregon.
40- I miss the ocean and the trees but most of all I miss being close to family not necessarily physically but we have grown apart since then.
41- I love to go fishing...I caught the biggest salmon on our last trip.
42- Someone around us must have a pond...I can hear frogs. It makes me think of my Aunt Dottie's pond. We loved to catch the frogs when I was a kid. I also remember the loudest frogs I have ever heard while I was on my mission.
43 - I served in the Florida Orlando mission
44- I loved my mission. I loved Florida
45- I cried when Evan wrote to me while I was on my mission.
46- We had lost touch while he was out (I stopped writing) and I didn't think to tell him that I was leaving on a mission.
47- My mom was really surprised to see him when he went to my house after he returned from his mission. He got home 2 months after I left
48- Ooops...I should have at least mentioned it to him. I got a letter from my mom, warning me that he might write to me. I received it a couple of days after I got his letter.
49- I am amazed at how things work companion asked me if I thought I would ever marry that guy and I said no.
50 - I am so happy that he convinced me otherwise
51- I love being married...we've been married almost 7 years
52- We were married in the Timp. temple
53- Evan proposed to me there too...I wondered why his hands were so sweaty that night...I didn't know he had a ring in his pocket
54- I would love to have twins...twin boys would be good. I don't want to be pregnant two more times
55- I really love to work in my yard.
56- I never (rarely) let Evan mow the lawn
57- I admit that I much prefer "mens work" to "womens work"
58- I asked Evan if I could be in charge of the yard work and he in charge of cleaning...that didn't go over very well.
59- I like to take over when someone else (especially Evan) is working on something
60- I love the feeling of accomplishment
61- I wish I accomplished more on any given day
62- I would love to hire a maid so I could play with the girls all day
63- I guess I don't really act like I am 30 either
64- I'm scared of the dark...and being alone
65- I hate folding laundry...especially the whites.
66- I sometimes catch myself being exactly like my makes me laugh
67- I use some of her sayings...even though I have no idea where they came from or what they mean.
68- Its getting late and my mind is wandering
69- I painted only 3 of my toes because thats all you could see in the shoes I was wearing
70- I have started to find a new love for baking..I just wish I were better at it.
71- I watched a hockey game the other myself. I have really gotten into hockey lately...Evan should be proud.
72- My favorite color has always been red...Pink has kind of taken over since having the girls.
73- I love to shop for my girls...hate to shop for myself.
74- Up until very recently, Evan has bought all of my clothes
75- I think I would like shopping better if I had a lot of money and everything were in my size
76- I am not a morning person. I hate being woke up...unless it is by the sun QUIETLY rising.
77- I wish I were more patient at times
78- I love to take a nap...Sometimes my last thought before going to bed is whether or not I will get to take a nap the next day...the answer is almost always "no"
79- I like to be super warm...I have a down comforter on my half of the bed. Evan hates to be warm so we compromise.
80- There is something about the feeling of a sunburn that I love...I also love the feeling of sore muscles after a workout...not that I actually work out.
81- There is also something very rewarding in just getting dirt under my fingernails and in my hair.
82- I used to clean when I was mad...not anymore, I wish I did...then my house would be much cleaner.
83- I am super excited for this summer...I love the hot sun
84 - the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays...It seems to mark the beginning of the summer for me.
85- I don't understand the desire to ski or snowboard because I can't get past the idea of doing it in freezing cold

***I'm too tired, its midnight...I'll finish in the morning***

86-Dr. Pepper and Pepsi are definitely my weakness
87-My favorite thing is to laugh with my girls...they are so funny.
88-I love a clean house...but I don't want to be the one to clean it.
89-I'm pretty sure that I am a pack rat...I don't save junk but I have tons of great things that I will never use. (Isn't that what they all say?)
90- Its time to have a garage girls have WAY too many toys. Its hard for me to get rid of them because they are all so cute.
91- I want to go on a road trip with no real deadlines. I would love to be able to take my time and enjoy the scenery. It always feels like we have to rush because we only have a week or so.
92- I want a lot of money so I could buy my parents a house that they don't have to worry about and keep them closer to us.
93- I currently have a million unfinished projects in my house.
94- I hate the sound of people cutting their fingernails...especially when they do it at church.
95- I wish I had more girlfriends...something about not loving to do girl things makes it hard.
96- My favorite rooms in my house are the girls bedrooms, they are decorated really cute.
97- I am really tired of diapers and I am not looking forward to potty training.
98- I REALLY HATE whining!
99- I think 3 year olds are harder than 2 year olds...3 is the new 2.
100- I am happy with my life.

Whew! That was a bit harder than I expected. But, I did it. I hope you enjoyed reading 100 useless facts about me...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who came by to help build the swingset/playground. The girls LOVE it and we really appreciate all of your help and support.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bread Recipe

Kacey asked that I post the recipe I it is. I have made it both with sugar and with honey. Either make a great loaf of bread. Evan informed me that we should just bake all of our bread instead of buying it. Too bad it takes a couple of hours to make. It is worth it though.

1 cup milk
3 tablespoons butter
1 package (1 tablespoon) rapid-rising dry yeast
2 tablespoons sugar or honey
3 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons salt
2 egg whites, divided and slightly beaten
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
In a small saucepan, heat the milk with butter over low heat just until the butter melts. Remove from heat and add to the bowl of a standing mixer fitted with a dough hook. Proof the yeast by adding it to the warm milk and butter. Add the sugar and stir gently to dissolve. Let stand 3 minutes until foam appears. This indicates the yeast is active. Turn mixer on low and gradually add the flour. When the dough starts to come together, increase the speed to medium and add the salt and 1 egg white. Stop the machine periodically to scrape the dough off the hook. Mix until the dough is no longer sticky, about 10 minutes.
Turn the dough onto the work surface and knead for a minute or so by hand. Knead by folding the dough over itself and pushing out with the heel of your hands, not down. Rotate the dough and repeat. The dough is properly kneaded when you can pull it and it stretches without breaking. Form the dough into a round and place in an oiled bowl, turn to coat the entire ball with oil. Cover with plastic wrap or a damp towel and let rise over a gas pilot light on the stovetop or in another warm place until doubled in size, about 45 minutes. Test the dough by pressing 2 fingers into it. If indents remain, the dough is adequately risen.
Once the dough is doubled and domed, turn it out onto the counter. The act of turning out the dough naturally deflates the gas, so there is no need to aggressively punch it down. Handle the dough gently, overworking the gluten at this point will produce a dense loaf that is difficult to shape. *To form a loaf, pat the dough into a rectangle, fold the long sides to the middle then fold under the ends. Pinch the seams closed and place in a greased 9 by 5-inch loaf pan, seam side down. Make sure the dough touches all sides of the pan. Cover with plastic wrap and let rise a second time for 20 minutes or until the top of the dough is nearly level with the top of the loaf pan. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F, place a large pan on the bottom rack of the oven. Bring 3 cups water to a boil on the stove. Pour the hot water into the preheated pan to create a steam bath for the bread. This will make a crisp crust.
Slash dough down the middle of the loaf with a sharp knife to allow the steam to escape during baking. Brush the top with remaining beaten egg white and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake the bread for 30 to 40 minutes until crust is golden and internal temperature reads 195 degrees F when checked with an instant read thermometer. The bottom of the loaf should sound hollow when tapped. Immediately remove the bread from the pan and cool completely on a rack.
* Variation: To make Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Bread: after the first rise, press the dough out to a rectangle, sprinkle surface with cinnamon and raisins to cover. Roll up like a jellyroll, pinch the seams closed and continue as directed in the recipe.

A perfect day for making bread

Yesterday was a nice rainy day. I love rainy days with lightning and thunder that remind me of Oregon. It was the perfect day to stay inside and bake some bread. Oooh I love the smell of fresh bread! I found this great recipe online and it tastes great and is easy to make. YUM!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The "Real" Reason

Saturday was a soccer day all the way around. We spent the morning kicking the ball around in the yard with Rylie and Saige. And then we played our game in the afternoon. I'm happy to report that we won our game (thanks to the other team scoring on themselves.) We did play a good game though and we had a great time.
After the game was over we rushed home to change and head up to SLC for the Real Salt Lake vs. LA Galaxy soccer game. Our friends Karen and Tyler went with us and we had an awesome time at the game. Real SL was in the lead for most of the first half until Mr. David Beckham decided to show us his stuff and he tied the game with a couple of amazing goals. I do have to admit that he looks as good in person as he does on T.V.
It was a beautiful day and we were able to get up close and personal as we sat on the 5th row. When David Beckham took off his shirt and gave it to one of the fans, my friend Karen was quick to ask for his shorts...and although we spent some quality time with Mr. Beckham we still left empty handed.

The real reason the women came to the game: