Friday, May 30, 2008

Rylie quotes & vocab

Rylie has had a lot of funny phrases and words come out of her mouth, some of which I have thought to write down. But, lately I have found a new humor in listening to her versions of some of our everyday words.

"Mook-sup" - Otherwise known as lipstick.

"Afraid little godmother" - most of us know her as the "fairy godmother."

Mom, naybe there is a reindeer named rudol-off"

(R) Hitting the tree with a stick, knocking off all of the flowers. (E) Ry, Don't do that, you're killing the flowers. (R) And they will go to live with Heavenly Father?

"Mom, I'm having a hard time getting my voice back today"


Anonymous said...

I love both your girls' voices. They are so much higher than Mya's- it is cute! The godmother one has me laughing so hard.

janabigelow said...

That is cracking me up! At least she attemps the right word. Hunter makes up his own words and meaning for them. Cute idea putting the stuff on the side! I am jealous of your awesome playground! It's better than the one for our whole complex!