Friday, February 29, 2008

Business name???

Now that I am beginning to see the light at the end of school it is time to start thinking of business names.  I am at a loss right now for a good name so...any ideas????


Mom, Aunt or Grandma Ehat said...

Putting the thinking cap of creativity on to help with a name! We will have to brainstorm.

Sidemoss said...

Here are the ones I came up with:
Spring Confidence
Summer Confidence
Smart Cuts
Hair Deduction
Val's Safety Scissors
Scissor Science
Scissor Barn
Scissors, Sheers and Clips
Born to Dye
Cuts, Clips, Chops, and Color
V-cuts and A-lines
E-Chat Cut and Clip
Contrast Cuts
Crimson Bold Stylization
Vines, Fad and Tomorrow
5 O'clock News Cuts
Unique and Beautiful
Almost Never
Hair Club for Women
Upper Bowl Cuts
Exe Cut Ion

McKenna Åkebrand said...

I would have to say my favouite of Silas' suggestions would be 'Hair Deduction' That's hilarious!
'E-Chat Cut and Clip' is clever, too!

my thoughts:
V.E. Chic
Style by Val
Valerie Style Solutions
Val Varitey
Hair Art by Val
V.E. Hair Design (my Fav; simple and elegant)

Or like most well knowns it's good to stick with your name or initials for example; Paul Mitchell, Dallas Robert's, DKNY, Dolce and Gabbana etc
I can see it on 5th avenue NY now:
Val Ehat
Valerie Ehat
Valerie E.
Val E.
V. Ehat

This could be your slogan: "Best hair design in the Val-E!"

Sidemoss said...

I think McKenna is on to something there. We have the Val-E thing there.
Val-E Cuts
Utah Val-E Style
Utah Val-E Style/Color (or UVSC)
Val-E Girl
Val-E Girl Salon

McKenna Åkebrand said...

Alright, so Silas and I are definately feeding well, off of eachother but I would have to say, Silas is WAY more creative!!

e2 said...

V-Style Salon

Joe said...

Well mom fint says how about
Sissy"s Style
Snip in a snap (dad's)
Style Station
Hair today gone tomorrow (dad's)
My fave from here in Redmond;
Pinki"s Sheers fabric and style ha I can't believe i live here!
or The Bald and the Beautiful or
slick and shine
would someone get me out of here.I'll keep thinking luv ya

Lindsy said...

Wow, ya'll are so creative. I think one of these is a winner. Love the word play on Val-E. My favorite is Val-E Chic or Val-E Chic Studio. I bet your counting down the days now till school is over. Very Cool!

McKenna Åkebrand said...

What about switching the order and calling it; 'Chic Val-E Salon'? Indicating that the Utah valley needs Val E's salon to Chic up. As we all know that Val can turn this valley into a chic valley. :)

Tony said...

Wow! I am so glad to have the opportunity to share my favorite name for a salon/clip joint.

I have always been very fond of the name: Curl up and Dye!