Thursday, December 20, 2007

The eyes of an angel

There is something about her eyes, there is something about her facial expressions, there is something about her smile, there is something about the way she makes you feel looking at her cute face.  Saige has this  way of making your day.   She makes us laugh without saying a word, she just has this way about her and we love it.

Many time we've asked her, "What are you doing?"  Good! 
With a smile you can't resist, what can you do? Laugh , that's it!

We love our little Saige and the way she makes us Laugh and Smile.

Just Check out this Face:


Sidemoss said...

She is a cutey. (That first one is great.)

Amy said...

I LOVE this stinkin' cute girl!!

McKenna Ã…kebrand said...

It is true. There is something about Saige that gets to your heart! I miss her terribly. Hearing her little voice just makes me instantly smile.

Joe said...

How did I get so lucky to have such a angel In my life, she is truly what makes life worth all the yuk. I really think she looks just like you val. identical to your baby pictures, yes I know to feww we have luv ya