Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finally Finished!!

After 2 long years of not seeing my husband, not having family dinner, and not putting my kids to bed at night I am finally finished with school! YAY!!! It kind of seams surreal at the moment. I have had all of these great ideas that were or seemed impossible while going to school.

First, I should clean my house! Considering that it has been neglected since we moved in I should probably spend the next week cleaning.

Second, Lets potty train Saige. I am so tired of diapers and would like a break before we consider having another child. She suprised me yesterday when I asked if she needed to go potty and put her on the potty and she went! I finished school yesterday at 4:30 and before she went to bed at 8 she had gone potty 4 times! YAY!! We'll see how she does today.

Third, Say goodbye to the binky. With Rylie we were strict with the rule that after 1 year she could only have it in bed and at 18 months it was gone for good. With Saige it hasn't been so easy. First of all she is really attached to it and whats worse is that Evan and I have been really attached to it. Neither of us wanted to fight her all night when she wakes up wanting her bink. We've been too tired!

Fourth, Interview preschool teachers for Rylie. I got her registered in a preschool in my neighborhood but now I need to go check it out for sure. I've heard a lot of great things about the preschool from mom's of other students so I feel pretty good about it. But, someone else's word is not good enough for me so I will need to get it checked out.

I'm sure I can think of a few other things that need to be done now that I am free from the confines of Dallas Roberts Academy, such as till and plant a garden, plant flowers, paint baseboards,casings,and moldings for my house, clean out the basement etc. These things will come with time. But first we need to have a family dinner and some consistency at home.

I am so excited to feel in control of my time....well, to feel that the girls have control of my time at least.


Heather said...

Congrats! How nice to be done! I am super excited for you. I like the names for your salon, I also thought you could do 'Vusion Hair' like a mix with your initial and Vision and Fusion. Okay so I am dumb, but it just came to me. Anyway, yeah for you!!!

Kacey said...

Congratulations Val! Just give yourself a huge pat on the back....seriously, what an accomplishment!! I think that is just awesome. And how nice to feel back to normal with your family. Good luck with Saige...sounds like she's practically potty trained already. :-) Now that your done, let's get the girls together again!

P.S. I like all the names for your salon,too. So when does your salon open? My highlights are horrible right now. I love how you've done Lindsy's hair and I LOVED Amy's hair at her shower. (and did I read right on Amy's comments that you do pedicures, manicures and facials too?)

The Carters said...

Valerie, hello! This is Summer Carter. A am so happy I found your blog! It is so fun to see how your family is doing. Congrats on finishing school! What an awesome accomplishment! Hope you guys are doing well. Our blog is

janabigelow said...

Congrats on finishing school! I am totally jealous right now! Can't believe you are potty training Saige! I can't believe how big your girls are! They are supposed to stay exactly the same since we don't get to see them anymore! We are coming back in June for a wedding! Let me know if you will be available for a hair appt.

Evan said...

I have added you as a permanent link on my site. You pretty pink site is so much more that an salon for ideas and creativity...It is inspiration to all the little people like me.

Ps. I am really just way into hair!!

Evan said...

by the says evan, but this is really Tony. You probably figured that out.

Heather said...

Okay, forget what I said about Vusion I saw a commercial today for a prescription diaper rash cream called Vusion - HaHa!

McKenna Ã…kebrand said...

Yay!! I am so glad for you! I can only imagine how much that missing time with the girls and ev can just burn you out really quickly. What a releif it is to now be able to work on your own time.

And by the way... You can count on me being at your house everyday while I am in Utah to help you with all of the things around the house, and of course play with my nieces. (just so you know, I'm available)