Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sexy Hockey Player

Check out this sexy hockey player I saw the other day! Who is that guy anyway?

Evan signed up to start playing hockey on Monday nights. It has been a long time since he has had time to do something he wants to and its been even longer since he last played hockey. Yesterday we went to the peaks for some drop in hockey. This picture is of Evan after he played and was getting ready to leave the ice. We had a lot of fun watching Daddy. The girls stood on the bleachers and chanted "GO DADDY GO!!!" And Rylie informed us after the game that when she grows up she wants a pink and purple hockey stick so she can play like Daddy.


Kacey said...

That's awesome Evan has taken up hockey!

(hey, can you send me your email address...I thought I had it but I don't) kaceys25@hotmail.com
I want to make sure you get an invite to our blog. :-)

janabigelow said...

That's nice of you to let him play! And by the way, no I do not cook fish. Dirk is not allowed to even bring it home. I hate the smell and I won't eat it! I just let Dirk take Hunter while I stay home with Jackson. I may go someday if I don't have to do any fishing!

Tony said...

Woa! Wait a minute. This photo is obviously one of those fancy remake thingys. Obviously, Evan never looked that good on the ice!!!!

Maybe you should check this out to get the real story.