Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saige's First Soccer Game

After watching Rylie play last year, Saige couldn't wait to be old enough to play. This year she is a "Blue Thunder." We knew that Saige would be timid since that is her nature but we had no idea that it would be so traumatic. She cried through her first 2 practices and her first game. Her coach takes the game very seriously and hasn't really realized that these are 4 year olds!
Luckily, these pictures were taken before the game (before the tears started flowing.) I think the coach is quickly realizing that 4 year olds don't comprehend the lectures about playing a defensive game...they just want to have FUN!!! Fortunately, yesterday the coach wasn't able to come to practice and had another parent coach. Within 2 minutes Saige was playing and kicking the ball and having a great time. She told me on the way home that "That was the most fun EVER!" Hopefully it will continue to be fun for her.

You have to admit that she is pretty darn cute though!!!

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Amy said...

Ummm, extremely cute!! So much cuteness it hurts!! :)