Friday, March 28, 2008

4 more days of school and counting...

Today I will be at school for 8 hours, leaving 3 days, Monday will be fulfilled with 5 hours, Tuesday with 9 and...Wednesday, after 10 hours, I will be able to walk out of Dallas Roberts Academy knowing that the next time I step foot in that school it will be to pick up my certificate of completion!  


Anonymous said...

Yeah! It is so cool to be so close- you have skills to be reckoned with, that is for sure. Please tell me you are celebrating next weekend or something?

Thanks for the comment and blog address- when I get back from Seattle we should plan something for sure. I'll be in touch!

Heather said...

Yeah for you!!!! Congrats. Just think then you'll be able to do hair because you love it, not just to finish your hours. Not to mention we'll finally have someone in the family who can do hair! Yippy! Too bad I don't live closer.

McKenna Ã…kebrand said...

YAY!!! I am so happy for you!!

Now I can hang out with you and the girls a lot while I am there. Cause you know, that is what I am planning on doing.

Also, if your in the mood and not too pooped out I am in "dyer" need of a weave.

See you soon, Graduate! :)