Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Disney On Ice

All of the princesses under one roof!!

 "Cinderella Rylie" and "Snow White Saige" had a great time on Friday afternoon as they watched the "real" princesses dance and sing their way across the ice. 
There were hundreds of little girl princesses watching the show but these were the cutest by far! 
Thanks to Grandma Ehat for her surprise "Grandma date" to see "Disney's Princesses on Ice!" 

Rylie could hardly contain herself when we got home from the show and she got to tell Daddy all about it.  She loved the dragon from sleeping beauty and the fire that shot from his mouth.  And most of all, she LOVED the "real princesses." 

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Kacey said...

Oh cute! I bet they absolutely LOVED it! (what a cute surprise) Everytime Malia saw the commercial for Princess's on Ice she got so excited. She wanted to go so bad...I felt horrible we were out of town and couldn't take her. Hopefully next time.