Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our little train station

Who knew that sidewalk chalk & a new bike could entertain for hours and hours.  My girls have always been completely thrilled by trains.  So, we got out the sidewalk chalk and colored our own city on the driveway.  We have train tracks, a train station, apple trees, flowers, stop signs and even a passenger on our driveway.  Rylie has played outside today for hours.  She rides her bike around and around while chanting "chuga chuga choo choo."  It will be a sad day when it rains and a great adventure to create the next city on the driveway.  

Can you believe she is big enough to be riding a "big girl bike?" 


McKenna Åkebrand said...

I remember those days. Will you tell her to stop growing already, and wait to grow when I get to see her.

Mom, Aunt or Grandma Ehat said...

It's amazing what a little chalk will do to keep a child entertained for so long. Small and simple ways to have fun and create memories!!

Joe said...

You are to little to be doing such big girl things... But I love how darling you are.. grammmie misses you tons