Friday, May 29, 2009

Sharpe Markers are both a blessing and a curse!

Permanent markers have so many great purposes...displaying art work on the walls and blankets is NOT one of them.

Saige may have seen her life flash before her eyes when I found this beautiful display on her closet door.

Maybe its more fun to do when you have to watch over your shoulder, knowing that you will be in big trouble if you get caught. I almost lost it when I saw this drawing on the blanket. I just splurged and bought the girls matching comforters for their beds. I sat them down and explained that these were just for them and that they need to take care of their things. Apparently, Saige considered drawing on hers a great way to take care of it. Needless to say, she has slept without blankets for the last week. Good thing the weather got warmer and she has snuggy jammies. Any ideas on how to get it out? I've tried oxi clean, and bleach straight on the luck in getting it out :(.

She really is on her way to becoming a great little artist.


Heather said...

HAIRSPRAY! I'm not sure if it will work now that you have tried the other stuff, but give it a whirl.

Kacey said...

Oh my gosh! The poor bedspread. I agree with Heather...the only thing I can think of is hairspray.

The family portrait on the closet door is kind of cute though. ;-)

Ferrara Family said...

Try Goof Off!!!!

janabigelow said...

According to Graham Haley, on most washable walls you can rub gently with a dry cloth and toothpaste to get out marker. He also recommends hairspray on the bedding and scrub with a bar of soap, then launder as usual. He has lots of hints. You can look them up. "Haley's Hints"

Heidi said...

You could try Carbona. It comes in small yellow containers. There are 10 different bottles each for a specific type of stain. Hancock fabric has them, the grocery store might have some of them too. Sometimes there is a paper with the key to what each one can be used for. Or some of the bottles have the key under the back label, you just peal it up. Number three looks like the one that might do the trick. There is also Zout. I like both. Zout does not always get everything out 100% depends on the stain. But the Carbona seems to be the best. I just used some to get grape juice out of a white shirt and it was amazing! My mom uses it too. The lady at the store that sold them to me loved them too. It might work on the walls to. Give it a try