Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Evan!!

-I think Saige took this pic.

Happy Birthday week to my HOT husband. Evan will turn 32 on Sunday the 9th and I want him to know how much I love him.

32 things I LOVE about Evan...

1-He is patient
2-His understanding of others
3-He is HOT!!!!!
4-His determination
5-He is a hard worker
6-He loves me
7-He is the BEST daddy in the world
8-He tolerates girl drama (living with a wife, 2 daughters -almost 3, a niece, and a female dog)
9-He kisses me every day
10-He makes sure that I know he loves me
11-He makes me happy
12-He is passionate about the things he loves
13-He is creative
14-He is athletic
15-He is good at...everything
16-He wants to be involved in everything to do with his family
17-He wants what is best for his kids
18-He is a great friend
19-He makes me a better person
20-He plays with his kids
21-His kids know how much he loves them
22-He insists on being involved in everything in the girls lives
23-He is an amazing photographer
24-He is always willing to help others
25-He is unselfish
26-He shows me that he loves me every day
27-He's a lover, not a fighter :)
28-He has a great sense of humor
29-He loves to make people laugh
30-His testimony
32-He is my favorite!


Evan said...

Thanks babe! I love ya tons!

Ferrara Family said...

What a great post!!! Happy Birthday Evan - I hope you find time to enjoy your day with your amazing and loving family!!!!
Thanks for sharing Val!!!

Mom, Aunt or Grandma Ehat said...

Nice tribute to a wonderful man!! I have to agree on all you wrote!!