Wednesday, June 4, 2008

100 things about.. (Evan)

Val said I should do one of these too, after she did her big list, so here we go:

100. First and foremost, I am never sarcastic.  I can't believe people like that...
99. If I had a choice between Heaven and Playing Basketball, and Hell and playing Hockey.  I'd go with Hell and Hockey.
98. I love hockey ;)
97. I love soccer, especially European soccer and by far the English Premier League
96. Val and I play Co-Ed Soccer every Saturday night (Go Sometime United FC!!)
95. I will soon be in state of disarray when the Stanely Cup Finals end.
94. I will also be able to get a lot more done when the Stanely Cup FInals end.
93. I enjoy long walks on the beach and sunsets....oh sorry wrong kind of post...I do like the beach and enjoy a beautiful sunset but mostly for playing on the beach and taking pictures
92. I hate waiting in lines, ask Val.
91. I am an expert at picking and finding the shortest and fastest moving line.  And when I pick the wrong one...damn that drives me nuts.
90. I don't like reading a 100 things about me lists and something on the list isn't something to do with you, but more a comment like : "The list is almost done" ( how is that something about you? Just an observation.  So all you who did that on your list, go back and change it to something about you, that's why I was reading it, I want to know about you, not that I am almost done reading your list.  I know where I am on the list.  Rant over.)
89. I typically don't rant often, I do usually speak my mind to much, and that, I am sure, hurts other peoples  feelings (sorry about that)
88. I  was born in Concord, Mass-a-chusetts (or more simply: Near Boston)
87. I was taken from my place of birth at 9 months old without my permission to some place called Utah
86. I remember the day I was born visually.  I was able to describe it to my mother and she said it was accurate
85. My next most memorable memory, of when i was young, was of me sitting in my grandmother's current house looking at a picture of me when I was 1 or 2 trying to remember that time the picture was taken. I think I was 4.  I was sitting in a brown chair in the front living room next to our old school TV in a box wood cabinet thing.  The picture of me was me in a diaper with no shirt on outside and my hair was the color of my diaper: white.
84. I always loved going to hang with my Grandpa Scadlock either to go Fishing or Golfing
83. Growing up I played so many sports my parents finally had to ask me to choose between a few cause it was getting out of hand.
82. I once, with a couple of my friends (not to be named, Dan and Ryan) egged this Van full of girls.  They ended up chasing us for awhile and at one terribly stupid driving moment I ended up turning down a dead end street and when I went to back up out of the dead end street I hit a fence post which ripped the front bumper off the front of my dads car.  My friend  proceeded to pull the rest of the bumper off the car and somehow shoved the bumper in the back seat with him.  We finally ditched the Van full of girls, headed to my friends house and performed car surgery to reattach the bumper.  I had to buy a $100 turn light to fix it...mostly.  My Dad never new the bumper was only hanging on by one maybe two screws.
81. 81 was my hockey jersey number in High school, because my favorite number is 9.  9 was already taken, see Dad I am good at Math.
80. A few weeks maybe a month later I was driving Kendall to a baseball practice or something and a guy pulled out in front of me and we slammed into him.  I wished I hadn't bought that new turn light for $100 dollars, because the guy had to pay for the damages, which covered up any evidence of my previous misdeeds. FYI - The bumper stayed intact even in the accident, man we did wonders with those few screws.
79.  If you haven't noticed, I suck at spelling, grammar, english, and writing in comprehendible sentences.
78. I sucked at Math in college but I can create a complicated calculator in a programming language using Algebraic formulas, but give me a Math book and I go Utarded.
77. I will own a Zamboni some day.
76. I want to open a hockey rink some day, I just need to find someone to help with the funding.  I want to teach people how to play hockey. Also so I can play hockey anytime I want. (Do you know anybody would like to help back a ice hockey rink?)
75. For most of my life I weighed to little for my height, now I weight to much. I am trying to find my happy medium.
74.  I've lost 30 pounds since a year and half ago
73. I love photography
72. I love landscape photography especially Ansel Adams
71. As you can tell from the links above, I love Black and White Photography
70. I love cities
69. I enjoy Mexican coca-cola (it's made with real sugar) it reminds me of a hot day in Venezuela and drinking a coke.
68. My first concert I went to, sad to say, was The Cranberries
67. My favorite band is "Possum Dixon"
66. My favorite song: Dog's Eye View "Everything Falls Apart"  But not the version you've maybe all heard.  The version I am talking about is the version that was recored and released on a self-made demo tape when they were trying to get picked up and only sold them at concerts.  Absolutely amazing Demo tape.  I want to find it again, because it was so incredible.
65. I say "basically" way to much, but I can't stop
64. I once traveled to California on my birthday, my cousins proceeded to tell me, once we got there, that Denny's gave you a free meal on your birthday.  We went to Denny's and I got a free meal.  It was my 16th birthday. I was hoping for more on my 16th birthday, but I found the Denny's pancakes were quite fulfilling, more literally than anything.
63. The highest cliff I've jumped off was supposedly measured at 55 feet high off the water.  That hurt.
62. The funniest story I've ever heard is about someone I know jumping off a 80 foot cliff at lake powel, but that's not about me so I wont tell the story, but beleive me it's funny.
61. My most embarrassing moment happen in front of a girl I was dating at the time, and if front of my mom.  Which by the way I never go a year without someone bringing it up.  I wont repeat it, but if you want to know the wrong version of the story ask my mom.  It has now become an urban legend.
60. My first camera I bought so I could learn to take picutes manually, she's a beauty:

59. Speaking of beautiful things,  My Wife is Beautiful and My Daughters are Beautiful:
58. I enjoy cooking, it just seems like I don't have to the time to do it as long as I'd like.
57. My kids make me smile everyday
56. My kids can frustrate me at least once a day sometimes twice
55. When I was younger I never stayed at home, I was always out and about.  Constantly in motion, that's where Rylie gets it.
54. I try to tell my kids I love them at least once a day
53. I will always forget a name, but rarely will forget a face.
52. I can typically remember where I saw someone
51. I don't remember words people say unless I relate it to something visual
50. If I drive or go somewhere I can almost always get back even after years of not visiting there again.
49. I enjoy making someone laugh
48. I enjoy making a lot of people laugh, even more
47. I get butterflies every time I go to play a game, typically while I am driving to the game.
46. One of my best friends, Tony and I became friends because my teacher assigned Tony to sit by me to keep me awake in physics class.
45. I slept through most if not all of my English class in 11th grade.
44. I love visiting National Parks
43. One of my favorite places on earth, that I've seen, is Yosemite National Park.
42. I've work at: Skippers (Gimp), Pizza Hut (Delivery Driver), Sounds Easy Pizza (Whatever Needed), TTOD (Tshirt Printing , Design), Mediarain(designer),, Eagle Hardware, Infobases Packaging.
41. I've been fired from 2 of those jobs, one because of my friends and the other cause a girl had a crush on me and I didn't like her back.
40. I've owned 9 cars (including some with Val)
39. My first car was a 1965 Ford Falcon Econoline Van - Baby Blue with a Three on the Tree stick shift I got for $600.
38. I love VW bugs but nothing newer than 1965. I've owned two so far.
37. My dream bug will be my 1956 Oval Window bug
36. My current car cost me $100 dollars:

35. I spent Half the price of my car to buy a stereo for my car, so I could actually listen to music and the radio
34. I always seem to get a Green car, even though I don't like green cars particularly.
33. Since I started this and now, The Stanely Cup Finals have ended, I am now in a state of disarray.  Did I mention I like playing, watching, and sometimes coaching hockey?
32. Probably for a few years after or maybe during high school I spoke and quoted comments from Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, "What are you looking and Swan?", "If I wore pants like that I'd have to kick my own ass", "Is that goal regulation size or What!?"
31. I once built a set for a play at my school with some friends in my high school auditorium all night, We then at about 1 in the morning, brought out our paint ball guns and proceeded to have a paint ball fight. 
30. My friend, while playing that night, shot me point blank on my hand cause I was crouched up against a wall and he didn't see me, when he turned and saw me, his first reaction was to pull the trigger.  Ouch that's going to leave a mark, it did for a month.
29. I design, build, program websites for a living, if you didn't know
28. I refuse to weed a flower garden
27. I can drink a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper probably faster than you, try me.  But you're buying ;)
26. I love woodworking and growing up I loved to watch "The New Yankee Workshop"
25. I love Bob Ross, man that Afro is just is to good to be true!
24. Places I'd like to visit: New York, Paris, England, Japan, China, The Caribbean, Peru, Boston, a huge European Tour, Africa, and much more
23. I'd love to live near a Pro Hockey Team
22. I typically find my self sticking my foot in my mouth with things I say
21. I would say I have some sort of speach problem, I can't seem to talk as fast as I think and thus I end up sounding like an idiot
20. I plan on losing enough weight to weigh in or around 190 lbs
19. I am almost 31 and I kind of think it's weird.
18. I find Cheese Cake to be one of the most delicious treats ever invented
17. I never intended to become a computer nerd
16. I've always loved my name.
15. I remember when we moved from Illinois to Utah while we were on the road, we drove a by a big hill and a sign said it's name was Evan hill, I said, That's right fool, that's mine! and I remember thinking, My name is cool!
14. I've always wanted to Race in a Nascar
13. I've always wanted to race in an Formula One Car
12. I'd love to drive a drag race car, though that one seem the craziest of the bunch because of the shear speed at take off.
11. I would love to fly in space
10. I would love to fly in an F-16 Fighter jet, F-14 Tomcat, and a F-18 Hornet someday
9. Val and I met at Bakers night ( a night my friends and I put on every friday night to bake food and play pool)
8. I never thought we'd end up married
7. It was the best thing that's ever happened to me, Marring Val that is.
6. My favorite thing Rylie does is when I get home and she's excited to see me
5. My favorite thing Saige does is when she smiles, she's been smiling since she was a baby and it lights up any day.
4. I am a foot and three inches taller than Val
3. I look like a giant amongst Val family
2. I love my kids
1. My number 1 thing is Val and My Daughters.


Val said...

I mentioned that I wanted Evan to do this post but never thought he would actually do it. I am impressed! Although, I do have to say "Thanks a lot!" for ruining the conclusion of the hockey game. I recorded it but haven't watched it yet.

Can I just say...I am married to the hottest man alive!

Sidemoss said...

Ditto on #17

Lindsy said...

Wow, I wonder if I could get Adam to do this. K, where did you find a $100 car? Adam needs one to get back and forth from school. You are right... you have a beautiful wife and kids. It's fun reading these. I'll buy the Dr.Pepper and we will have a contest. I'm sure you'll win but it would give me an excuse to drink a whole 2 liter by myself.

McKenna Åkebrand said...

If I had a brother I would want him to be just like you.

...And I totally disagree about the writing thing, I like your way of words.

Amy said...

I just never knew....that was awesome!

Jill said...

Ev - I totally enjoyed that... definitely more thought out than any I've read.